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I’m back, I’m still here 🙂

The weather’s heating up, the humidity’s rising (I feel like I’m getting into a weather girls song) and the scenery is changing once again. The Sakura has given way to green trees and life is starting to return. I swear, this is why I prefer Spring. It’s been at least 25 degrees for the last two weeks, my apartment is humid as anything and I can’t cope – I’m Scottish. I mean, I’m thankful for the blue skies, and nice days, but the temperature is only going to keep going up. Although, one good thing about these hot days is that it gives you the excuse to enjoy nice cold melon – so yummy! Still, the rainy season’s gonna be upon us soon, so at heavy rain and thunderstorms will be the order of the month. Seriously, a month.


On the bright side, if you’ll excuse the pun, the changing scenery and weather means that, over the last few weeks, the rice fields have all been flooded and starting to be planted. I think it looks so beautiful (even if it does seem like the entire place looks a bit flooded). Another thing that the rice fields brings out is the frogs – thousands of them! Every evening, all you can hear for miles around is frogs making an utter racket…


However, all this changing scenery and whatnot is also reminding me of just how little time I have left here – just over 2 months! My flight home is August 11th. My time spent here seems to have passed so quickly and I know that the last little bit will pass just as fast! I also have to start thinking about what I’m bringing back with me and what stays here. Luckily, Japan has this wonderful little choice in their post-office. If you want to send just printed material (in my case that’s mainly books), you can send it really cheaply! (Japanese) (English)

If you want to send a box to the UK, you can post up to 20kg, and if that’s by surface mail (1-3 months) it only comes to 9000 yen. It does mean you have to carry it all the way to a certain post office, but it’s certainly worth not having to pay the excess luggage fees! I don’t know what the tax is like on the other side, but at the moment it looks like a good deal!

Well, advertising over.

Not much else going on here, I’m afraid…classes are just over half way done. Next weekend I’m going to a Kabuki play, so I guess the next post will be about that! So, until then またね!

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