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So I finally got my Certificate of Eligibility from the university in Japan (coz that didn’t take ages….). However, getting my CoE means I can, drumroll please (!), go and get my visa – the final piece of this year abroad puzzle. It may also mean that I get a jaunt down to Edinburgh to do some shopping!! I’m being super organised this year – cue a ‘yay me!’ moment – because I’m buying all my family christmas/birthday presents before I go (^^)

So yeah….I shall do another post later (when I have my laptop and not just my phone) about the ins and outs of getting your visa! For now, though, I’ll just sit here in the melting Edinburgh…and post this pic of me in front of the Japanese Consulate (yes I’m wearing a totoro t-shirt and yes I’m posing a peace sign….)



So by now you’re probably wondering who on earth is this person? She (you presume I’m a she!) is just posting nonsense…. I wish I knew who I was reading about! This is presuming I’m not just talking to the ether…hello—hello—hello
See, I can hear the echoes!!

Well, in any case. My name is Lizzie Lawrence and I’m a 20 year old Scottish student studying in deepest England-shire (Preston to be exact). Although my homeland is the Highlands, I’ve left the bonnie countryside and am currently studying Asia Pacific studies at the University of Central Lancashire (hey! don’t knock it, we have the finest pigeons and drunken students in all of England!). At this point, most of you will have that ‘huh?’ face on, which I get every time I say I’m studying Asia Pacific Studies. Well, fear not, I SHALL EXPLAIN!! *cue the dramatic stance*
Basically, I study Japanese language and culture (because seriously, you can’t have one without the other), the economic/historic background of the Asia Pacific Region (with a subject head position nicknamed ‘Defence of the Dark Arts’, insert your own conclusions) and then it’s the choice of business/history/politics – I want to teach foreign business etiquette when I leave Uni, so this seemed appropriate! I also study a little German on the side (vielen dank, vielen dank!).

japan_map_akitaMy Japanese has, in the past, taken me to Osaka a few times however, this time I am venturing further afield – to the North (‘winter is comiiiiiiing!’). Akita is in the region near to where 2011’s huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit, so I expect to see some of the damage during my travels. On the bright side, the region Akita is in is know as the ‘Scotland of Japan’, so technically I’ll be right at home! I’ll be studying at Akita International University:

akita uni

Anyways, I’ll sign off before my cat decides to sit on the keyboard again (she has the whole garden and my laptop is where she wants to sit…..)

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