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….and a few things that make it all worth it!

As you might be able to tell – I had a bit of a stressful landing in Tokyo. My only excuse for my grumpy attitude in this post is the lack of sleep/jetlag (^^)


What can I say? It was 6.30 in the morning after a long and sleepless flight and this official is asking me if I speak Japanese. At my answer (a little) I get a rapid quick fire Japanese speech (or at least it seemed like it) –  I also had to wait while he sorted out my Gaijin Card (Foreign Residency Card). All this while worrying about trying to catch my 7.45 Akita flight – which leads nicely on to……

Connecting Flights

Anyone else tried to get a connecting flight at Haneda with less than an hour to get there? It’s a nightmare…By this point, I’d found a German guy (Sebastian) who’d been on my plane and was also going to Akita, and we were both racing for this flight. With Haneda airport, you have to get a bus to the Domestic Terminal, re-check in your baggage, find the check in desk (if you haven’t already checked in), race through security and then run for a flight that has 30 mins until take off. I swear they picked the furthest away gate for me, just for the craic! We did make it there on time (and I even had time to find a water fountain), and found Elena and Keirsten (both UCLan – University of Central Lancashire to you folks) who both ended up on the same flight.

The inevitable illness

As I mentioned earlier, eating Japanese food can, at first, do nasty things to your stomach. Unfortunately it decided to wait until I was on my final flight to take effect. Let’s just say I was very ill – I’m only just recovering over 24hrs later….

On the other side, despite the stressful arrival, I’m in friggin Japan! That more than make up for all the rubbish on the journey! It’s killer humid here and the cicadas make one hell of a racket, but it’s Japan. End of.

Also making up for Haneda being a stressful airport was this sitting on the runway by my gate:

Once I can get a LAN cable for the internet, I’ll be able to update more frequently, but for now またね!

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