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Ok, so just a quick update, but the day all the UCLan students had been dreading arrived today. It was not only heralded by several thunderstorms and torrential rain, but also a flight delay. An omen? Of course not…..

Nah, I’m joking. Today we were visited by our lovely Japanese teacher from UCLan – Amano-sensei – who was class in the most fluorescent pink suit I have ever it. Although it did suit her….

The reason we were all bricking it was because she would be sitting in all our classes and then having a 20 minute interview (in Japanese). Luckily her flight was delayed so all we had was the 15minute interview this evening.

The horrendous thing? The minute I stepped into that room all the Japanese grammar I have ever learnt decided to go on holiday. Literally, I was stumbling out first year stuff and she was saying ‘I understand but could you say it again because the grammar was confusing’. This was a trait that all 5 of us seemed to carry….

Saying that, she spoke to us a little in English at the end – she even asked if I had lost weight which, judging by the amount of local food I’ve been sampling, is a resounding ‘no’! She also gave us each a hug at the end and a cheery smile. As much as I was worried because of the daunting task of using keigo (honorific language) with here, it was a nice visit, albeit a short one. Seeing Amano-sensei here was a nice little touch of the familiar in a place that is frankly very far away from home!

Well, for now folks, またね!

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