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Days to go: 28

This final part of my ‘what to pack’ posts is mostly just bits and pieces that didn’t fit into the other categories. However a lot of them aren’t useless!

2013-07-24 18.55.57

My little haul includes:

– A little taste of home in the form of my tin whistle and tunes book
– A very useful mini umbrella
– Travel Washing Line (because you don’t always wanna fork out out the dryer)
– Sunglasses
– Wind-up torch (a useful part of your ‘earthquake pack’ – I’ll do a post on this)
– Gaiters (very handy for when the snows appear)
– Pencil case with combinations of pens/pencils/sharpener (don’t forget this can’t go in hand-luggage)
– Travel Journal (for all those adventure memories you don’t want to forget)
– Condensed textbooks (yup, that’s Genki 1 and 2; Basic Kanji Book 1 and 2 in a notebook each)
– Mini Japanese Dictionary (not my favourite one, but it’s one I’d be able to leave behind if needs be)

On a side note, after all this is weighed up (including the previously mentioned items), I have a grand total of 16.3kg. My limit is 23kg, cue the little ‘happy dance’! Mum says I need to get a bigger suitcase since this fits in with only a little space left…..I’m protesting because my current suitcase is decorated with loads of Studio Ghibli characters…..guess I’m gonna have to start again 😦


This is only going to be a small section, but it’s still an important one. Although many of you out there may not be fantastic sewers, I would recommend taking a small emergency sewing kit out with you (for all those loose buttons or rips on the clothes you don’t really want to replace). I have quite a lot in my kit (mainly because I intend to do more than just repairs while I’m out in Japan), but you can get by with just a few of these basic items (in bold):

2013-07-22 19.10.37

 2013-07-22 19.13.10

Black/White Thread

Safety Pins (various sizes)

– Pencil

– Tailor’s Chalk

– Hemming Tape

– Thimble



– Tape measure

Various sizes of needle

– Assorted Buttons

Small Scissors

– Fabric Scissors

You should be able to get all this out there, but it would be easier to have a small stash with you and then you won’t have the panic of trying to find needle and thread when you have a huge hole in your trousers!

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