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  I’m sorry to inform you that winter is no longer coming…’s here!!!! The first snow (hatsuyuki) has fallen….and gone again. Literally within the last few days it has rained torrentially, snowed, snowed again, melted (in a rainstorm) and it was both eerily misty and autumn-like sunshine today….you explain that one!



Apart from the snow, I’m sad to say that not many interesting things have been happening lately. Our attempts to celebrate bonfire night ended up being 5 Brits and 1 American sitting in a bar, playing blackjack and drinking hot sake. We also had a Hello Kitty burning on a fake bonfire:


Not bad for being made at a bus stop!

We also had a bit of a cultural experience at the shopping centre nearby. They were celebrating their 10th anniversary and so had a wonderful Namahage performance by a group from Oga (where we went for the other Namahage performance).


All the parents and kids gathered around to see it and we had to laugh when several were dragged away in tears because of the scary Namahage. They are an interesting local deity, part-demon, part-god who are supposed to be good luck. These Namahage actually went around the crowd and shook many hands…

I think I’ll leave you guys with a lovely image that I was faced with this week – a good omen? I’ll let you decide, またね!


As easy as it might be to believe that, especially as a student, I have just been living off instant ramen (noodles), I can fight against that! In my tiny kitchen, with its one rubbish IH hot plate and my tiny fridge with a freezer the size of a small lunchbox, I have actually managed to cook proper food in the last few months.

Sometimes I’ve been cooking food that I know: pasta, bolognaise, teriyaki (yeah, I know it’s Japanese but I’ve been making it from scratch at home for a while), carbonara.

 2013-09-16 18.16.15 

Other times I have made new things: Hokkaido Shichu (a kind of creamy stew), Japanese curry, etc.

2013-10-22 18.11.39

Spot the plaster – this is what happens when you try to chop up pumpkin with a sharp knife….

I have also managed to prove that you don’t need fancy tools to make food. I managed to make a couple of batches of English muffins (cooking them in a frying pan) – this was inspired by watching The Great British Bake Off. I also managed to make a passable soup (pumpkin and sweet potato) using a sieve to puree it. Ok, so the last one didn’t taste as food as I’d hoped, but it was ok.

2013-10-12 15.54.56

Sorry, this post is a bit of an interlude. Nothing very interesting has happened lately. Although I will hopefully come up with something knew for next week – maybe the fact that the small British colony here will be celebrating Bonfire Night tonight with a total of 8 sparklers, aren’t we awesome? If we can find some decent fireworks, we’ll have a proper bonfire, but these are yet to be found 😦 Well until next time, またね!

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