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As of yesterday, I’ve been here a whole month and I’ve begun to notice little things – nothing important, just odd at times! For example: in the UK you’ll often have birds hanging about, or flying in little flocks. Here? Here it’s swarms of dragonflies. I’m sure they’ll disappear as soon as the weather gets cooler, but for the moment, they’re everywhere!
Anoter thing I’ve noticed, which I was kind of expecting, is the gaijin stare. Every time I get on a train, it’s the look that says ‘it’s a foreigner, I’ve never seen one of those before’. Or it’s the look from another foreigner that’s as if to say ‘what the hell is another foreigner doing up here in the middle of nowhere’. They blantantly missed the signs that said Akita International University…
It’s also rice-harvesting season at the moment, so all the elderly farmers are out in their miniature tractors and their floppy hats. Akita is a very agricultural country but the average age of a farmer here is about 70. Saying that, though, they seem to keep Japan in it’s rice as the region is famous for Akita Komachi rice.
Even though it’s only been four weeks, I think I’m starting to fall in love with this place – I think it’s the same tenderness I hold for Scotland. Akita is a lot more laid back than places like Tokyo and, although you really need a car to enjoy it, it’s surrounded by beautiful scenery. A part of my heart will definately be left here when I leave….
On that poignant note, またね…

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