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As you guys might have worked out by now, I’m not great with words. So as my time at AIU draws to a close, I’ve made this video about my time there. Enjoy and またね!

…Sorry guys m(_ _)m I had exams for two weeks and then I took a little trip, but I’m back (if only for a week – yeah, that soon!).

So, as promised MT. FUJI!!!

Look, we actually did it:


We’d been planning this trip for ages, and let me tell you – it’s not a trip you take lightly…unfortunately, we decided to do it in a weekend, getting the night bus down, climbing it overnight and then getting the Shinkansen back the next day. This is not a good idea, ladies and gentlemen.

We arrived in Tokyo very early, so we got some rest in a manga cafe (a wonderful invention in my opinion, I can highly recommend the ‘Manaboo’ chain for cheap accomodation). Then early in the evening, we got on the bus to the 5th station of Mt Fuji. I have to say, driving towards the mountain, and seeing it get closer and closer was a fantastic feeling!


As well as this, when we were on the mountain itself, we ended up driving above the cloud just as the sun was setting, so it looked like a sea of clouds with the smaller mountains as islands.




While we were dropped off 2305m, and we only had about 1400m further to climb, it was mostly zig-zagging and rock scrambling up a VERY steep slope. It was so tiring! I think our motto ended up being: ‘just to the next corner’.

We had a beautiful view as we got further up, of the city lights and the night sky – I even saw a shooting star at one point! It was beautiful. It was also absolutely freezing. Tokyo was about 35 degrees when we left it, and on Fuji it was 3 degrees.

There were a number of stations on the way up so we had a chance to sit down and rest. Unfortunately, two of us started to get a little altitude sick (and a  little sleep-deprived) so we had to take the walking nice and slow. We were glad we arrived a little early. However as we got further up, our pace definitely slowed.


As we got further up, we could see the sunrise slowly creeping up on us. So with an hour to go until the summit, we decided to stop at the 8.5th station (the final one before the summit).



After the sunrise, we scrambled down the descending path – it was all sand and volcanic gravel so it took only 2 hours (as opposed to the 11 hours it took to climb). After many almost falls and sore feet/knees, we arrived back at the 5th station car park. We had a long route to get back to Tokyo (a bus, a train and then another train) and then we found our way to the Shinkansen and home.


Even though it was my first time on a Shinkansen (bullet train), I was exhausted, so I slept most of the way home…

My next post (probably to be uploaded in an hour or so) will be one of my last so look forward to it! Until then, またね!

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