Days to go: 14 DAYS

Wow, I never knew I was so impatient! I think I must’ve packed my suitcase about 4 times, written about a dozen lists of things I need to do before I go and even checked out what the films will be on my flight (looking forward to Iron Man 3, btw)…

My most recent way of stemming the impatience was to create a “homesickness book” (an idea I picked up from which basically contains photos of family, pets and other oddities, little notes from my family, favourite lyrics, even pictures of my room (mess and all). Hopefully I won’t need it, but I’m hoping that if I do end up homesick, I can simply look at it and be cured of all ailments…maybe I can patent it and sell it internationally!

I’ve also been thinking about foods I might miss while I’m in Japan, and failing miserably I might add. All I’ve come up with are some mini bars of Dairy Milk and packets of Refreshers. I don’t think customs will take it lightly if I try to smuggle in a haggis….try explaining what one of those is to anyone not from Scotland (and believe me, I’ve tried – in Japanese). Bearing in mind haggis is still banned in the USA, I don’t think my chances are high.